1. Are there any changes to the Company’s fundamentals or new news items that may be responsible for the recent stock price volatility? (公司的股价近期有所波动,请问是有什么消息或变动吗?)

There are no changes to the Company’s fundamentals. As per Company policy, we do not comment on stock price fluctuations or market activities. (公司的经营没有发生改变,各方面运营平稳有序进行。股市的变动我们不便评论。)

2. The Company recently announced a marketing partnership with the NBA China and the selection of NBA star Stephen Curry as the Company’s brand ambassador. Can you explain the rationale for these decisions? (公司近期宣布了和NBA中国的合作,并且请了NBA球星库里成为品牌大使,请问这样安排的原因是什么? 为什么选择球星库里?)

“Never Give Up”, the NBA’s themed tagline, and its teamwork spirit matches well the core values that eHi Car Services aspires to embody. There are over 300 million NBA fans in China. This group’s demographic and purchasing profiles align well with those of eHi’s target customers. As for Stephen Curry, his story is not only about the precision of his three pointers, but also about his transformation into a NBA superstar by overcoming significant obstacles. We are inspired by Stephen’s determination, positive energy and overall personality. He represents the qualities we strive to reflect as an organization and our continuous pursuit to provide higher quality services and a better lifestyle for our customers. (我们认为NBA所代表的“永不言败 ”和团队合作的精神非常符合一嗨的创业历程和企业价值观。另外,NBA在中国有超过3亿粉丝,他们的年龄分布和喜好和一嗨的用户画像高度重叠。作为NBA的当红球星,库里所代表的不仅仅是三分球的投篮精准,他的成名历程非常励志,所言所行代表着一种正能量。这些都和一嗨所倡导的为客户提供更高质量服务以及带来更加美好的生活方式的理念高度吻合。)

3. What is the operational and financial impact on eHi of the recently announced government regulations on the online car-hailing industry? (专车新政落地对于公司业务和营收的影响是什么?)

As discussed in our previous earnings conference calls, we believe the new government regulations will support a healthier and more organized development of the industry, as they establish higher entry barriers for private drivers and private vehicles to safeguard the rights and interests of the consumers. We believe the regulations will also help to reshape the competitive landscape and increase demand for vehicles that meet the higher requirements, thus benefit leading car rentals and car services companies like eHi. (我们认为,专车新政的落地,有利于市场的有序,公平竞争,有利于改变过去一段时间专车运营的混乱局面。 我们认为新政的落地能够保障消费者以及专车从业公司和人员的权益,兼顾交通出行各种业务形式的均衡互补,有利于行业的健康发展。 无序的竞争很可能会得到纠正,对于符合新政要求的车辆的需求会上升,新政的落地有利于像一嗨这样的正规租赁公司的业务增长。)